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Audio Entrepreneurship Course

6 Three-hour talks (18 Hours!) on Entrepreneurial Thinking from my very popular $499 Art of Enterprise Course.

$149 -- a bargain!

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Gary Hoover's Retail Handbook 2016

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Reading to Learn New Book!

I live with about 57,000 books, my own personal reference and enlightenment library.  I continually get requests for my reading lists and favorite books.  Here I have combined my notes on how I digest a book in 15-30 minutes without speed reading or scanning with my 160 top books, many of which most people never heard of.  I have also included the sections of my book The Art of Enterprise about how to be curious and see what others do not.  Enjoy!


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The Art of Enterprise

How does one dream up new ideas? 

How can you see opportunities that no one else does?

Once you have an idea, how do you make the most of the opportunity?

My 300+ page PDF book, the Art of Enterprise, contains a new idea on virtually every page.

I guarantee it will provoke you to new ways of thinking, and new ideas, or your money back.

I wrote the original version of this book in 2001 and expanded it in 2010.  But these ideas are timeless.  Despite its age, you might not have read it yet.  Here’s your chance, for only $10!

Few are better than Gary Hoover at identifying big opportunities.

-- Fortune Small Business Magazine


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Understanding Companies Video Course

Four hours broken into 10 classes of 10-26 minutes each.  See the full description by clicking "add to cart."


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