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Four hours broken into 10 classes of 10-26 minutes each.  See the full description by clicking "add to cart."


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  • Do you work for, invest in, sell to, or buy from big companies?
  • Do you really understand how they work?

  • See companies through the eyes of a securities analyst or a merger and acquisitions specialist?

  • Would you like to better understand how they think and develop strategies?

  • See things that others do not, going beneath the surface?

Few things are more fascinating to me than how companies are built, the competition between enterprises, and how leaders and managers think and act.

I am offering my video course on Understanding Companies to the general public for the first time.  In the future, it will cost $99, but through Sunday, June 11, I am offering it for just $49.  The course consists of 10 parts, each 10 to 26 minutes in length, totaling just under 4 hours:

1. Introduction

2. What is a Corporation?

3. A Human Endeavor

4. Understanding Industries and the Economy (a longer one, broken into two parts, A and B)

5. Change Through Time

6. The Arc of Enterprise

7. Strategy

8. Purpose

9. Personality

10. Summing Up


You can watch the first episode for free here.


To enroll in the course, purchase it here, and then I will send you a link to a dropbox account with all the videos.

Along with the course, you get free lifetime (my lifetime!) 24/7 email support.  I am always open to further questions and discussions about these topics!

My course reflects my 50+ years of study of big companies.  I began studying big business at the age of 12, with my first subscription to Fortune Magazine, followed by studying economics at the University of Chicago under 4 future Nobel Prize winners, including Milton Friedman.

I analyzed public companies on Wall Street, headed strategic planning for them, worked for three of them, and created the company that became Hoovers.com, a leading website for information about companies.  I created a number of other companies, and today teach entrepreneurship and business around the globe, to companies big and small, and students of all ages.  There is no industry that I have not studied.